Re-Defining Education


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Section 8 Not-For-Profit Company


GGS Foundation is Training Partner of AASSC-Aero Space and Aviation Sector Skill Council, Bangalore (TP009989).

To enhance employability, Classes/Sessions for Soft Skills/Aviation Jobs are held being in our well established and fully furnished Premises in Bangalore.

Seminars/Career counselling sessions are regularly held in different Schools and Colleges. Free note books are distributed to poor Students in Government Schools. Sponsored education of many unprivileged Students in Schools, Colleges and University and training for Competitive Exams like IAS. Some students are now well settled.

Students taking Lunch at GLPS Venkatala, Bangalore

Students taking Lunch at GLPS Venkatala, Bangalore

Bore wells installed for water in two poor villages near Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Bore wells installed for water in two poor villages near Indore, Madhya Pradesh


Deliver formal/informal Education, Skill Enhancement, Vocational Training for Livelihood, promote Self-employment.


A : Sponsoring education of UNPRIVILEGED : 100% fee Scholarships by direct payment to Schools, Colleges, Universities

B : Sponsor/Support Government/needy Schools to achieve academic excellence, set up, run, manage, take over, organize, undertake, build, Schools, Colleges, institution, or organizations to provide education, technical know how and training human resources to enhance quality in any field.

C : Create awareness of impact of thoughts on health and happiness and knowledge in life through lectures, seminars, classes, events, conferences. Also through programmes like Parental Care and Life Style Management- Help individuals understand inner strengths, thought processes and value system in life. Its an intervention for any age group, designed to promote positive lifestyle and behavioural change to improve intellectual, interpersonal and social wellness leading to happiness, more satisfying improved quality of precious life.

D : CPD- Continuous Professional Development of Teachers to become Educational Therapists. It goes beyond academic skill building. The goal is to restructure how students think and process information, and provide them with the necessary tools and strategies in order to become confident, independent and successful learners.

E : Soft Skills Training : There may be lot of argument as to whether it is possible to enhance soft skills in a training, especially when one considers the fact that a person has lived with those traits all his life. Answer is harsh but real – a person who wants to be happy in life and do well in career, does not really have a choice.